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At early month of twenty ten
I left abode with bulky bags
From Lagos then to Banjul zone

To panel-beat and clothe the rags...

At airy port I had to wait

Till second day after delays...

At checking point a wander stroked -

Some business men were finding ways

To lobby with a gentle soul

Sanusi - Mall from northern zone.

At last he saved like empty bowl

Because he frowned and pressed the horn...

Again wanders from Mister Pen -

His step on plane is just the Day -

The day he moved beyond the lane...

He sat on seat eleven A.

The cabin crew instructed board

The dos and don'ts of Arik trip

Like fastening belt of every head

And offing phone for safety drop....

Beside the poet two gentle souls

A man and wom... with friendly chat

But busy poet on piling says

The former kin and latter host

After some mins the cabin came

With first a drink and later food

The juice, the egg and bready cream -

Like hunting dog my kin swallowed...

In bird I penned with shaken heart

When saw nothing but cloudy sky

- My velum moved like pit-a-pat -

And just the sound of butterfly...

After some mins the doze arived

To visit him - the hungry ram;

Under disguise my book he read

At last the doze lulled him to calm…

A wander came again from kin -

I mean my kin beside the host

precisely when he pressed 'the man'

Above our head to call 'our host’....

To learn again I went to back

To drop the waste - the watery waste -
The wander there was sudden bark

Of closet for the button tapped...

From riverside to riverside

There's nothing free in freedom-town.

In past it may but now it's damned -

The Sierra Leone - a warful zone...

From Freedom-town we flew again

With airless lung and shakeless heart

But coldly prayed for sugar-cane

As some arrived and some depart...

As usual, see!, the cabin came -

With dounot came a cup of tea ....

For thirty mins - an hour emh...

The Banjul showed like missing key!

I wandered last the tasks ahead -

Will what I have b'enough for them?

As kin advised I strongly prayed -

For creative mind to make me firm....


To panel-beat - to teach, Mall- Mallam (an islamic scholar) pressed the horn- shouted
eleven A - a seat number in the Arik airline

Arik – a Nigeria international airline, bird –airplane, butterfly- airplane
wom... - woman

mins - minutes kin - Nigerian host -Gambian 'the man'- a button in the Arik plane for alert
'our host' - the cabin crew
the watery waste - urine; b'nough - be enough



But what I met was vice versa -
My thinking was to start the job,
But Tunji said - my journey far
I shook as if I needed herb...

For rivers crossed or cloudy seen?
My people left or signed out work;
Or places where I'd never beeing?...
I souly cried like beaten cork...

The second day I saw Bundung -
From school to school for teaching sake...
Banjul, Bakau and Old Jeshwang...
With Sirah till I shouted ache....

But luckily on Sa-tur-day,
The Nusrat School requested me-
To teach a class and just display,
Some stuff in me like grammar key -

I did my best with Chomsky's wit
And Halliday's in learning room...
The teachers there with learning kit
But money flows like drying stream...

I later heard another miew
From stadium side for interview...

Tunji-- the man that invited the
poet for teaching in the Gambia

Bundung: A place where Nusrat school is
Bajul, Bakau, Old Jes...: places in the Gambia

Sirah: Sirah Sanneh, the Seretary and marketer of
Tunji, a deceptive man.

Thursday, December 24, 2009



William Bradford (1590 – 1657)

At heaven shore a grower died

And left alone a little bird

With many land and million crops

With careless kin the rooster fled.

And made the sweat of corpse in vain.

As Scrooby there he joined the stain…

That tagged themselves the Puritans –

To Holland fled because of cane ….

The pilgrims moved like slippery dove

To Plymouth where they peaceful move…

- Established church above the king -

He worshipped there and ruled with love…

For distinct cares he married May,

But ended-up with sorry stay…


May -Dorothy May

Mary Rowlandson (1636-1678) 2

Metacomet, the bloody King

Up woke a day and planned to fling

The puritans and seize their site__

The bullet songs enforced to sing…

Like Moses’s case and Israelites’,

Mary and kin captured for sales

For Philips’s time requests for blood__

The inter-war between the tribes…

A godly soul then sat to say

In bloody ink –her holy stay

On native land that tortured them –

She tagged her takes in godly way:

The Sovereignty and His Goodness

And Faithfulness of His Promise…

Sarah Kemble Knight (1666 – 1727) 3

Set out to New York from Boston

The feisty Knight with companion…

On horse’s back with bravery heart

“Bitterly complained my poor bone” –

She further said, “I asked thy aid.”

To still their tongue ’til morning bread—

Wrangling topers with thundering blows

She coolly sings like hummingbird…

In Boston here she shared her brain

At New York there she cashed with pain

And sometimes here she asks for right

With tactic styles she saned insane…

Finally moved from New York

To London for better yolk…

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Anne Bradstreet (1612 – 1672) 4

Edward Taylor (1642 – 1729) 5

Jonathan Edward (1703 – 1758) 6

Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) 7

Patrick Henry (1736 – 1799) 8

Thomas Paine (1737-1809) 9

Thomas Jefferson (1743 – 1826) 10

Washington Irving (1783-1859) 11
William Cullen Bryant (1794-1878)

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 13


John Greenleaf Whittier(1807-1892) 14

Oliver Wendell Holmes (1809-1894) 15

James Russell Lowell (1819-1891) 16
Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803 – 1882)

Henry David Thoreau (1817 – 1862)

Edgar Allan Poe (1809 – 1849)

Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804 – 1864) 20

Herman Melville (1819 -1891) 21

Walt Whitman (1819 - 1892)

Emilly Dickinson (1830 - 1886)

Fredrick Douglas (1817? - 1895)

Bret Harte (1836 - 1902)

The Living Corpse

And others...... go to:

Between the Passionate Shepherd

and the Nymph

To live with thee is not the case

With pleasure prove and fearless face

The shepherd tongue may look like hay

But hills and fields … might move the May.

Though truth thy saiths: grow cold the rocks –

From field to fold time drives the flocks

And nightingale can change to swarm –

From sunny zone the rain must come…

From noisy swarm the honey comes;

From silent snake, the sorry comes.

The youth shall fade and love shall fold

Stepper on stream calls not the cold.

The rose of love shall fade a day;

The mode of love shall wait to pay.

The rings of loves is not the word,

The pence for soup is just the sword…

With belt of straw and ivy buds;

The coral clap and amber studs,

To two of thee may not or move –

Sometimes the things might breed the love.

My part in this is in-between

Shepherd and Nymph – mainly to warn …

With all my saiths, thy mind should move;

Then live as one and share the love.


To understand this poem better, please read

Christopher Marlow's The Personate Shepherd to His Love and Sir Walter Rally's

The Nymph's Reply to the Passionate Shepherd